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Currencies & Metals

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The Forex market enables traders to simultaneous buy and sell some of the world’s major currencies on a decentralised global market.

Within the trading community Forex is also known as FX or Foreign exchange. Unlike the stock market, you can trade
Forex 24 hours a day 5 days a week.


Contracts for Difference (CFDs) are derivative products that enable traders to trade on the price movement of underlying assets, such as indices, shares and commodities.

Trading CFDs provide no ownership of the asset, instead, it is an agreement from the time the contract is open until the time at which it is closed. The market movement between the open and close dates is where profits or losses occur.


From the riches of the Silk Road to today’s electronic financial markets, Commodities continue to be one of the worlds most popular choices for traders.

Just like other CFDs, you can trade the open and close market prices in energies (such as oils or natural gas), metals (including gold or silver) and soft commodities (such as cocoa, soybeans or sugar).


The first Cryptocurrency was mined in 2009 and rapid growth in popularity has stimulated the market.

The digital assets works using cryptography to secure the transactions, to control the creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets.

Start trading in 4 easy steps

1 Register

Open your live trading account
with BP Markets.

2 Verify

Upload your documents
to verify your account.

3 Fund

Login and deposit funds
into your account.

4 Trade

Start trading!


For traders who would like to learn more about the global markets and how to trade on them, we offer free monthly webinars, register today!

MT4 Trading Technology

Experienced traders using our STANDARD and PRO accounts can benefit from our range of informative tools, including:

Trade Terminal

Access to Global Markets, Liquidity
Pools & Emerging Asset Classes on one
powerful Platform.

Download Intuitive Apps

Including a suite of multi-platform,
multi lingual and market informed apps.

Account Metrics

Benefit from features such as:
9 Time Frames, Multiple Order.

Mini Terminal

Utilise a small but powerful window
by calculating margin.

Alarm Manager

Have complete control of your trading
actions by creating your time-based
rules including a new price alert,
balance, profit & loss.

Sentiment Trader

Inform your trading strategy with
understand positive or negative
feeling to a particular asset.

Forex Technologies

When trading every millisecond counts which can contribute to higher returns. We pride ourself on offering market-leading technology
in order for you maximise your trading experience. Our technology can connect you to top-tier liquidity providers with ultra-low latency execution.

With full technical support, leading client services and intuitive trading tools. We enable you to maximise every millisecond.


Using innovative copper and fibre connections to our very own cages within Equinix located in London (LD4), New York (NY4) and Tokyo (TY3) data centres. Connecting you to liquidity providers in the worlds leading hubs for Forex, CFDs and Commodities.

  • Connect at sub-millisecond speeds to 32 different markets globally
  • Execute faster with Tier 1 banks
  • Integrate Equinix simply with your other systems
  • Manage risk.


XCore aggregates over 120 liquidity sources with ultra-low latency. This enables you to trade with confidence so you are receiving tighter spreads for potentially better returns. In addition, you will be able to manage risk systematically with complete confidence.

  • Get better spreads and superior execution through multi-tiered aggregation
  • Minimise and manage your exposures systematically
  • Drastically reduce execution latency
  • Integrate XCORE to XCORE with your other interfaces including MT4/MT5 and FIX API protocols
  • Manage risk.

FIXProtocol (FIX API)

Security is paramount. With our FIX API, you can trade with confidence knowing that data is sent securely, anonymously and with minimal slippage. We can work with you to provide a standard or bespoke API depending on your trading needs. We offer all of this with full technical support and managed by a leading client support team.

  • Gain faster execution speeds
  • Integrate FIX API easily with your existing systems
  • Connect directly via Direct Market Access (DMA) to Tier 1 Banks and liquidity providers for low latency
  • Use various order types – such as market or limit
  • Have total control over the process of transferring and receiving data.


Cryptocurrencies are virtual currencies which operate independently from banks
and governments, but like physical currency, they can be used as a method of
exchange or investor speculation.

You can trade the price movement of Bitcoin and Ethereum quoted against USD,
EUR, GBP. Join the thousands of active traders speculating on cryptocurrencies.


Top 10 Reasons why to chose
BP Prime for crypto currency trading.

  • Trade Bitcoin from ¢46 USD
  • No Dealing Desk – trade against the market not your broker
  • Leverage up to 50:1
  • Control your profits and losses with price alerts and stops
  • Elite Trading Tools
  • No digital wallet needed
  • Ability to sell without owning the underlying instrument
  • Advanced charts and live quotes
  • No requotes
  • Trade 24/5active traders speculating on cryptocurrencies.


BP Markets are a Vanuatu based brokerage and one of the limited brokers that can offer a UK Government recognised OFQUAL accredited courses.

They offer a range of courses tailor made for traders of all levels across a range of instruments.

Courses are certified with a number of government and regulatory bodies for quality and professional development.

Advantages Of Online Learning

Career advancement
Studying online gives you more flexibility. You can work and fit your work schedule (and your hobbies) around your coursework more easily.
With an online class you do not have to log in at a specific time for a live session but you can study and interact with your instructor
and your fellow classmates at your own pace through, for example, the discussion forum.

Flexible schedule and environment
By studying online, you choose your own learning environment that works best for your needs: be it your bedroom, your study,
the café across the street, or your local gym, listening to your instructor’s lecture as you run on the treadmill.

You can track your progress
It is also possible for you to track your own progress as all the records will be put online. You can always read and access the comments,
corrections, and suggestions from your teacher. You are also free to submit some personal reflections or inputs on your own learning.

Introduction to
& Blockchain

Understand the rapid growth of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to establish if this fast-paced innovation can become part of your investment or trading portfolio.

Level 3
Diploma in
Financial Trading

Designed for inexperienced traders and those new to the markets. You get hands-on experience reviewing and understanding market data, along with analysis using our risk-free demo platform using all the features of our PRIME account.

Level 5 Advanced
Diploma in
Financial Trading

Tailor-made for independent trading professionals looking for a career in trading or looking to become a full-time trader. You will study everything from trading psychology to fundamental analysis and everything in between.

Stage 1

  • Login into App Store or Google Play depending on your device. Alternatively, click on the icon.
  • Then search for Metatrader 4 application.
  • Click the Metatrader 4 icon to install the software to your device

Stage 2

  • You will now be prompted to select between Login with existing account or open a demo account.
  • Clicking either Login with existing account or open a demo account will open a new window.
  • Type/enter BlackpearlFX (see below example).
  • Click the BlackPearlFX-Demo icon if you have a demo account, or BlackPearlFX-Live if you have a real live demo account.

Stage 3

  • Type/Enter your login and password.
  • Start trading!